Patrick Keiken passed by Veronica Radio: 'Canceled again'

Patrick Keiken passed by Veronica Radio: ‘Canceled again’

Patrick Keiken had to learn from the media that he doesn’t exist new programming Radio Veronica. This is what he says pole On talk tube. It’s the first programming for new channel president Rob Stenders. “So those were exciting weeks for me. Not only did the temperatures rise, but expectations also rose. About the new programming of Radio Veronica and my role in it. Unfortunately, for the third time (!) in 5 years after I left the station in 2016, I was asked again And for the third time it was canceled again at the last minute.”

from Former DJ of Radio Veronica He says he had to find out the news from the media. “To see a famous writer there in the place Rob Stenders was thinking of me.” It’s referring to Ronald Gephardt who will be heard over the weekend.

I really need you

Kicken says he’s been at the Stenders’ house twice. “A very pleasant dinner. (“I really need you, Pat. We saw during the listening characters show that you had the highest morning score!” During the second call: ‘We’ll just do this!“).”

“Where the two previous times it was Pokito boss Mino Koningsberger, this time it was Rob Stenders’ right-hand man himself who didn’t think it was a good idea if you came back to take a few hours. I think, just like the previous times, check this out first with each other before calling me, but Well. It’s no longer my ego (haha) and I can put that aside somewhat, but of course the beauty award isn’t all that worth it.”

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Weekend boom

On top of all this, Kicken claims that the idea for the program was “borrowed” from him. “By the way, the idea was that I’d do a three-hour show on Saturdays and Sundays between 12pm and 3pm, where I myself suggested I make it ‘Weekend Bonanza’. I’ll continue to run the remaining orders with Rob & Caroline during the week. Very sympathetic to the special listener. Bey and a nice raise from weekly programming to weekend. I’m glad to think of Rob. I’m reading now that a young woman from Kink would do it.” mean Vimek van der Veen Who will now present this program.

Radio Veronica does not want to respond. “We will not comment on rumors that have arisen as a result of a column,” a company spokesperson said.

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