Code red and risk of flooding due to bad weather in Spain

Code red and risk of flooding due to bad weather in Spain

Large parts of Spain are very disturbed by the constant storms. In the capital, Madrid, in particular, there is a warning of flooding due to heavy rains. according to the world All public parks, roads and tunnels in and around the city have been closed to traffic.

And in the Balearic archipelago, which includes Majorca and Ibiza, flights and ferries to the mainland have been halted. Two people have died so far due to the storm. It concerns two tourists who fell into a river near Zaragoza and drowned.

Everyone in the Madrid municipality has been warned via their mobile phones to stay at home. The sports match between Atletico Madrid and Sevilla on Sunday was also cancelled. Firefighters managed to free many people from their homes after they were trapped by the high water level.

Spain has been hit by a storm since Saturday, bringing very strong winds, rain and hail. The storm is not expected to pass over the country until Monday. Authorities declared Code Red in Madrid and the nearby city of Toledo. In Andalusia, Valencia and Catalonia, among others, there is the orange symbol.

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