Children Peter R.  De Vries in obituary: "Dad, he'll be fine!"

Children Peter R. De Vries in obituary: “Dad, he’ll be fine!”

Family obituaries can be found in AD, de Volkskrant and Trouw. The book states that “a life of courage and a fighter at the barriers of justice and injustice is over.”

And according to his children, he gave them important life lessons, if they follow them “everything will be fine”. His family closes the obituary with the text: “Dad, he’ll be fine.”

The de Vries family says in the obituary that “everyone for whom Peter meant something in his life, was called to bid him farewell.” What that will look like and where will be announced later.

flowers and candles

De Vries is photographed at Lange Leidsedwarsstraat in Amsterdam on July 6, after his performance on RTL Boulevard. He was on his way to the parking lot to pick up his car. To our knowledge, it is not secured. He spent more than a week in hospital with serious injuries, where he died on Thursday.

At the place where de Vries was shot, people left flowers, candles and cards. Reporter Rick Koninbilt went to have a look:

In addition to his family’s obituary, RTL Boulevard, RTL Nederland and MAX Director Jan Slagter have also posted a message.

Attorney Peter Scottin, with whom de Vries and criminal attorney Ono de Young form the team helping star witness Nabil B. In Marengo’s extensive liquidation, he also says he is “very sadly” to say goodbye to de Vries. “Peter, you’ve always been kind to listen.”

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