Daphne Decker: The Navy rescued the mother in Valkenburg from her home

Daphne Decker: The Navy rescued the mother in Valkenburg from her home

Bee first truck Mother louse – the movie “The entire basement has been washed,” Daphne says candidly. “But it’s safe and dry with the family.”

Daphne holds her heart especially because when the water is completely gone: “I think we should go buy the wells. […] Everything from mud, river and sewage. Anyway, we will help Grandma. My mother is very upset about it. She is alone and is 78 years old. “Moreover, Daphne also lets you know that everything is fine now and it’s basically physical damage.

However, her mother had to be helped during the height of the flood disaster: “Her street turned into a circular river and the Navy rescued her from Den Helder. In a boat, yes, she has not tested everything yet. Do not go but The only way upThis water will go down and we will clean it up,” Daphne concludes.

Yesterday, Daphne said she was very worried about her mother: “The ground floor of my mother’s house in Valkenburg is flooded, the electricity has gone out, her street has turned into a river, and the jewls next door to her house are high, he just keeps working. Don’t stop the rain, the roads are soaked and we can’t go there,” she wrote on her social media.

“Good luck to everyone in the south battling these floods! We hope the evacuation will start soon, and help will be provided to everyone who needs it!

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