Caroline has trouble with Joep's decision in Married At First Sight

Caroline has trouble with Joep’s decision in Married At First Sight

Jean decided to do it differently this time, to do it better. But the experts have their reservations after the ceremony, and the guests in the room are also critical of the groom. He didn’t escape their notification that Jean didn’t show his kind side. Birgit also has to get used to: “It’s kind of a dump, kind of: we finally know who he is,” says presenter Carlo Bouchard. “My feeling is that at the moment everything is fine (…) it’s still a little uncomfortable and you two are complete strangers, but that’s just getting started.”

Her new husband Jean agrees: “It definitely feels good. Yes, I have a very good feeling about it.” When they give each other a kiss while taking the photo, he also totally glows. Birgit has that less, since Jan is not a man she usually “turns around for”. “I’m sure of it. I started the experiment and I’m going to finish it completely. Do I have confidence in it? I have no idea.”

Joeb and Caroline are less positive about it. The newlyweds are now back from their two-day honeymoon, then living together is actually the next step, but Joep has been suspicious for a while as to whether he still wants to, so expert Evelyn Stallart was called in for advice and support. She thinks Joep shouldn’t throw in the towel so quickly. “In this particular experiment, we want you to look further and keep showing up. Only then will you see everything and the quadrants will be in place,” she says. “Only then can you say: Was this a match, or was it not a match. Until then, you shouldn’t stop there.”

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Jobs especially misses sexual attraction, he just doesn’t feel it. “I don’t feel wrong, but it’s not fireworks either. You want it and I find that hard,” he confesses to Evelyn. “I think maybe it’s part of the character too. I think we’re totally different in that regard. It’s just a feeling and it’s very hard to express, because it’s really not an ugly, very beautiful woman. Everything really fits. Just the spark, it doesn’t affect me.”

Joeb’s story is straightforward, but for Caroline, his withdrawn movement is actually a slap in the face. “He indicated when we came back via an app, and then over the phone, that he was thinking a lot about these differences. Especially he’s a little more impulsive and a little busier and I’m calmer…that’s what it feels like to have happened to him,” she tells her side of the story to Evelyn. Caroline still likes to try living with Jobs. “I just like, we’ll do it and you just have to try it before you see if it works.”

In spite of everything, they will try it together. “I’m so glad we’ll continue to live together. It starts out a bit chaotic, it’ll work right away, but it’s not different and just part of it. I’m very curious about tomorrow, if we go something fun make sure that familiar feeling comes back.”

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