Canada opens investigation into Titan’s eruption from the inside

Canada opens investigation into Titan’s eruption from the inside

Submarine Titan engaged in an underwater excursion.AFP photo

The agency said in a statement that the investigation should clarify “the safety and circumstances of this operation, which was carried out by the Qutb prince, who raises the Canadian flag.” The Polar Prince is the ship from which Titan departed on Sunday. Rescue teams found the fragments of Titan exploding from within on Thursday.

For years, there have been concerns about the safety of Titan, a project of the US company OceanGate. Those fears resurfaced this week as a fleet of lifeguards scrambled to rescue passengers. Emails and photos have also surfaced in which OceanGate president Stockton Rush dismisses concerns about Titan’s safety.

The Canadian government agency, which has now opened an investigation, is responsible for investigating air, rail and marine accidents to enhance transportation safety. The Authority makes no statements about potential civil or criminal liability. The statement said investigators would “gather information, conduct interviews and assess the incident.” The investigation will be conducted with other concerned government departments.

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