Brett Decker Rest: No Horse Attack |  TV

Brett Decker Rest: No Horse Attack | TV

“In the end there was nothing wrong,” Decker confirms the situation surrounding the apple of her eye, George, the horse she hopes to ride in this year’s Netherlands Championships. She also indicated that Talpa’s network asked her not to say anything else about it.

question marks

In January, Dekker himself caused riots in the program The media is inside To say that the tax authorities questioned the payment in the form of a horse. It is common in the equine world for talented riders to ride an investor’s horse, because the best horses are worth tons and not all riders can afford them themselves

For example, last year it was announced that Judith Petersen is on the horse of her best-selling author partner Dan Brown (De Da Vinci code), Engines. Petersen turns out to be a friend of Decker. The presenter said, “Often the senior riders will ride someone else’s horse.” “A good friend of mine, Judith Petersen, rides her friend Dan Brown’s horse (author of The Da Vinci Code, Editor). That’s why I always call our horses Johnny’s George and Danny’s Limited,” referring to John de Mol and Dan Brown.

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