Eurovision Song Contest Editor: "I understand Ilse DeLange's disappointment" |  TV

Eurovision Song Contest Editor: “I understand Ilse DeLange’s disappointment” | TV

“I understand very well that you are disappointed when you have such a wonderful stage in the Netherlands,” Packer says, When Display head Responsible for the content of the shows in an interview with her ANP. “Ilse has been there before and did a great job with The Common Linnets. So she understood that she thinks: I would have liked to have been there too. But we built our actions much of the story. The choice of verbs depends on that.”

“What we want is to show the best of the Netherlands and its diversity,” says Packer. According to him, the organization has largely succeeded in that. “It goes from international DJs like Afrojack to award-winning dancers like Ahmed Gouda to Davina Michel, the pop sensation today. With them, we created something unique that we’ll tell our story.”


Ilse is not entirely absent, as she works behind the scenes on the act of Duncan Laurence. On top of that, it got a nice spot in the alternate broadcast last year Eurovision: Europe shines the lightWhen she sang with Michael Schulte. “It was a very nice collaboration and an amazing job,” Packer, who has worked on live shows like Hit in the past, said, “Of course I understand her disappointment.” Golden Televizier Ring Gala On The Voice of Holland.

Ilse DeLange voiced criticism of the show last week College tour She said she was disappointed that she was not playing during the Eurovision Song Contest. “I think it’s very strange, and I’m very honest about that,” the singer said. Then Eurovision announced that it would contact her.

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