Johan Vlemmix baalt van zijn biljet-actie (foto: Omroep Brabant).

Does Máxima’s banknotes hide such a fiasco that Johan Felix himself robbed

Most of the Maxima’s hidden banknote, which was part of a major search, has been removed by the royal fanatic Johann Felix. Vlemmix has hidden homemade notes all over the Netherlands. Last weekend, he drove back to town and country to get notes from their hiding places.

Vlemmix came up with a campaign in honor of Queen Maxima’s fiftieth birthday. Instead of spending thousands of euros on a gift for the queen, he decided to hold an event in which everyone could participate. Printed over a thousand 50 euro banknotes bearing the Maxima photo. He hid those notes and the lucky researcher was able to contact him to raise the real money.

Soon it turned out that some people were doing everything they could to get notes. “I had these good intentions with the idea,” says Fleemex. “But I don’t want to be on my conscience when things break. People were digging holes everywhere and moving all kinds of things in churches.

In fact, Monday was the day for the fanatics to cash out their banknotes. But Vlemmix told Omroep Brabant that he’s already taken in most of the money over the weekend. “For me, it’s mainly about the big sums,” he says. “In Sint-Jansbron in Limburg I used to hide five hundred banknotes in the ground. People no longer had to search for that.”

Vlemmix hid notes from Apeldoorn to Limburg. But also in the central station in Eindhoven. Hoping to collect a huge sum, some people went to search in the middle of the night. “I got a report that at 2 am people were exploring with light bulbs and all the grounds around the church. The site manager didn’t know what happened to him.”

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“The operation completely failed and I pretty much canceled it,” he says. “But there are still some notes and people who find them can hand them over. Of course I couldn’t find all of the notes. I had hidden some of them well.”

But despite the event’s setback, Monday is Vlemmix’s best day. Early in the morning, he was already on his way to The Hague to present the Queen as a gift at the gates of the Huis ten Bosch. “I have a big painting of it and a smaller artwork with all the notes in it. If she wanted, Maxima could still deliver them. ”

The chances of the queen taking the gift at the gate itself are slim. He said cheerfully, “Well, I now know how it is going. Marachaussee will come and get it and they’ll deliver it to Maxima. But of course it would be very nice if she would take me by herself and let me have a look inside.”

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