Bodies of four Thai ship passengers found, survivors also found |  Abroad

Bodies of four Thai ship passengers found, survivors also found | Abroad

Thai rescuers found the bodies of four crew members of a sunken navy ship on Tuesday. The ship sank End of this week In the Gulf of Thailand, southeast of the Asian country. Rescuers also found two survivors, reports BBC News. The search continues for more than twenty missing persons.

During the search, the bodies of the four deceased crew members were found with the survivors, 60 kilometers from the place where the ship sank on Sunday evening. Thai authorities stated that they were wearing life jackets.

In total, 77 of the 105 people on board were rescued. Earlier there was talk of 106 people on board, but the authorities have revised that number to 105. An outcast was also found on Monday evening. He had clung to a buoy after being in the water for at least ten hours.

After the discovery of the four bodies on Tuesday, the search continues for the other 24 missing people. Helicopters and a number of warships are being sought.

According to the rescuers, today is the crucial day to find the last survivors. The flotation technology of life jackets and buoy can allow people to survive up to 48 hours.

The 76-meter HTMS Sukhothai sank just before midnight on Sunday. During a patrol, the ship encountered problems due to meter-high waves and strong winds.

According to the Thai Navy, this is the first time that a warship has been shot down in this way. The Navy is investigating the shipwreck.

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