Former President Trump’s tax returns have been released

Former President Trump’s tax returns have been released

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Portions of former US President Trump’s tax returns will become publicly available. It was approved by a House committee. This relates to returns from 2015 to 2020.

The vote marks a temporary end to a long legal battle. Trump has been trying for years to block the release of his tax returns, which is typical for US presidents.

Last month to rule The Supreme Court ordered the Treasury Department to submit Trump’s tax returns to the House Committee. The Democratic-led committee wanted to know, among other things, whether there were any conflicts of interest during Trump’s presidency and what his business empire was like.

The committee has now decided that advertisements must also be available to the general public. It is still not clear when that will happen, perhaps sometime in the coming days.

Shocking precedent

The committee was in a hurry to vote, because from January the House Republicans would have a majority and that would affect the committee’s mandate. All 24 Democratic committee members now voted in favor of releasing the returnees, and all Republican members were against.

Trump called the release of his tax returns “unprecedented” last month. He said it would set a “terrible precedent for future presidents”.

Income tax

Trump’s tax returns have been a hot topic in recent years. He was the first president in decades to refuse to voluntarily disclose his finances because he did not want to disclose details about his assets and business activities.

Other investigations

In addition to this case, there is also a civil case about possible tax fraud against the former president and some of his relatives. They allegedly overvalued their assets between 2011 and 2021 in order to obtain tax benefits.

Trump’s company is also under a magnifying glass. Earlier this month, a jury found the Trump Organization guilty of tax fraud by helping executives evade paying taxes. Trump himself has not been prosecuted in this criminal investigation.

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