During the year, Behavior Interactive acquired smaller studios and has now acquired a third studio. Dead by Daylight developer has announced the purchase of Dutch developer Codeglue, which will now be known as Behavior Rotterdam.

According to co-founder Remy Racine, the acquisition “builds on our strategic expansion into the UK by establishing our first presence in continental Europe.” In February and July, Behavior acquired SockMonkey and AntiMatter Games as its studios in the north and south of the UK respectively.

“The addition of Codeglue’s experienced team further enhances the capabilities of our premium services division,” Racine continued. “We’re always excited to pursue opportunities that align with behavioral needs and culture, and Codeglue has been a clear match on both fronts.”

As a studio, Codeglue has collaborated with developers such as Harebrained Schemes (the Steam version of the Shadowrun Trilogy) and NIS America (Saviors of Sapphire Wings).

Peter de Jong, who will take over as Rotterdam’s general manager, said his studio was “impressed by the work and culture of Behavior”. We are excited to be the latest chapter in their success story.”