“It's a shame that Rob Kemps talks through Elvis's puck mission all the time” |  Displays

“It's a shame that Rob Kemps talks through Elvis's puck mission all the time” | Displays

M Media PodcastThe regular media panel is back from Christmas break, and because of the holiday week, there's an extra long-form edition of the AD Media podcast this week, Episode 1 of Season #9.

Of course, the committee will look into the case of Khaled Qassem. Because it would be a start Khaled and Sufi On January 29, then “Sophie without Khaled”? and with who? And what about the late-night talk show in September: Sophie and Jeroen (Paw)? We also take a look at Renzi Klammer's interview with lawyer (and friend of Peter R. de Vries) Peter Schouten. Angela De Jong: “It would have been better for the non-profit organization if Khaled had been fired for his qualities!”

Bo van Erven Doorens interview with Gordon Boo's house Critically discussed: Should Gordon have just been embraced (according to presenter Manuel Venderbos) or should RTL have shielded him from themselves and not invited him at all?

Stars on stage Sjoerd van Ramshorst passes as the new presenter of the programme With the knife on the table And a cleverly programmed tribute evening on SBS6. Media journalist Mark den Blanken: “The only sad thing about singer Puck's pursuit of Elvis is that Rob Kemps talks about it all the time.”

And in the radio corner, a personal outburst came from the visibly emotional announcer, Manuel Wenderbos, upon hearing a tune For tomorrow's goal And the voice of Hans Hoogendoorn.

I listen! To the weekly AD Media Podcast, in which TV writer Angela de Jong and journalists Dennis Janssen and Mark den Blanken discuss all the major, fringe and side issues in media. The offer is in the hands of Manuel Venderbos. Do you prefer to use your favorite podcast apps via… Spotify to apple? Which can! Find all our podcasts on ad.nl/podcasts.

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Rob Kemps. © Eye4images

Tribute to Elvis, Bucky Scholten and Rob Kemps (right).
Tribute to Elvis, Bucky Scholten and Rob Kemps (right). © Sol

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