Additional entertainment at Walibi Holland: game show and morning gymnastics

Additional entertainment at Walibi Holland: game show and morning gymnastics

6/29/2023, 2:41 p.m

Walibi Holland will be using more entertainment for two weeks. In the run-up to high season, visitors are offered many additional activities during weekdays. For example, a game show will be held on the main stage at 12:30 PM.

At the La Grande Roue Ferris Wheel, everyone can take part for free in the so-called Giveaway Show, with games and quizzes. Classic kids’ games are available, including Jenga, jumbo dice and a biting crocodile. They also play with water cups and water pistols.

School trips in Walibi Netherlands: Many attractions are closed as a precaution

Winners receive Walibi prizes that they can use immediately: VIP vouchers for attractions, credit for games in the park, a sandwich or a drink. The losers get a lollipop as a consolation prize. Moreover, morning gymnastics is held at the entry gate in the morning. Visitors are awakened to lively music by the announcer and dancers.

school trips
In the afternoon, the artists also wave goodbye to the audience. Walibi currently welcomes a large number of school trips. High season begins on Saturday, July 8th. Then the amusement park is open every day until at least 8 pm.

Morning gymnastics with fitness instructors in Walibi, Holland

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