Leon from De Slimste Mens spent the night in jail

Leon from De Slimste Mens spent the night in jail

During the game show, Philip called Bardenfeld Utrecht’s name. According to the presenter, this is not uncharted territory for Leon, as the police headquarters in Utrecht are located there. “I was stuck in there once,” Philip says. “I spent the night there.” when The smartest personThe presenter asks Leon what he did to make it so colorful, and he replies, “Well, a little noisy.” Lyon would have been at De Domtoren. “There was such a lamp, so I turned it around. They turned on the lights in the dom. (…) I wasn’t allowed into the disco anyway. I think I was about fifteen or sixteen. I was very young. Then I was I kind of started aiming at this thing until I was aiming at some white trucks.”

Lyon is said to have fiercely “resisted authority”. However, he lost this battle. “But then, after a few hours, I was allowed to leave the door with a yellow five-dozen note. All my friends were waiting for me. After that we dealt with it calmly.” He also wants to emphasize that no one should sit at De Domtoren. Because I am also from Utrecht.

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