Atlantic gull circuits 787 hours

Atlantic gull circuits 787 hours

A Boeing 787 Norse Atlantic Airways was returning to London Gatwick the day before yesterday after being struck by lightning. Before the plane put the wheels on the ground, it made the necessary laps.

The machine, registered G-CKOF, left England Airport at 1:15 pm local time en route to Los Angeles. The 787 took off in a westerly direction before continuing across the UK to the city in the US. On the way, however, the plane was struck by lightning. This did not cause any major problems. The 787, which is one of the newer aircraft, is made of composite materials. This material is not electrically conductive, so the components are supplied with a thin copper mesh that conducts electricity from collision to the lightning conductor at the ends of the aircraft, including the wing tips.

After the lightning, the 787 flew several times over the United Kingdom and the North Sea©

Flying over land and the North Sea

Affected machines return with some regularity to be checked for damage. The 787 pilots also chose to perform a check. According to data from Flightradar 24 At an altitude of just under five miles west of Cambridge, the plane circled twice before flying toward the North Sea. There the Dreamliner did ten more laps dumping fuel at an altitude of two kilometers. The plane was then lined up for landing at London Gatwick Airport, two and a half hours after departure. Emergency services were standing close to the taxi lane at the airport, he said Simple flight. It is not known if any damage was spotted to the 787. The passengers were put on a replacement plane, which departed for Los Angeles around 9 p.m.

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