A woman with car trouble has fallen victim to street robbers in broad daylight

A woman with car trouble has fallen victim to street robbers in broad daylight

FILE PHOTO: Suspect arrested by the Surinamese police.

A 27-year-old woman in Suriname fell victim to street robbers in broad daylight last Wednesday. This is after I had car trouble near Indira Gandhiweg’s Red Apple.

Then she decided to walk her boyfriend to Van Kalenweg Corner, where they would take a taxi to continue on their way. When she reached the aforementioned corner, a man approached her and asked for money.

Since she had told this man that he had no money, he pulled out a knife and waved it in her direction. She dropped her bag out of fright, after which the suspect took off with the bag and the contents in Van Kallenweg’s direction. He was chased by her boyfriend, who at some point lost his sight.

Latour’s office police visited the scene after a street robbery was reported. Law enforcement officers immediately launched an investigation and the 33-year-old SM suspect was positively recognized at Wagenmakerweg by the advertiser. The police arrested him and found a bag with clothes and other belongings in his possession. Surinamese police reports.

Mobile phone and car key are not tracked. Then the suspect was taken to the police station for trial. After consulting with the Public Prosecution Service, WS was taken into custody by the police pending investigation.

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