Video: Ronnie Brunswick is crowned king

Video: Ronnie Brunswick is crowned king

Vice President Ronnie Brunswick has just been crowned King of Afro-Surinamese Heritage at Muengo-Tabo. He now has his own royal chair.

Despite the many criticisms surrounding the award, everything went on as usual. The ceremony takes place at Croto Osu in Muengo Tabo. People traveled to Marowijne from different places to experience coronation.

Four African kings crowned Brunswick. They were received on Friday by Ministers Kenneth Amoxie (Gospol) and Gracia Emmanuel (Russia) and Humphrey Dundas, a spokesperson, at Japan Airlines Airport. The reception was broadcast live on state broadcaster STVS, where ABOP also controls.

The spokesperson said of the criticism that arose regarding a misunderstanding regarding the award. He says it’s just an African high ornament. “What matters is that he has been recognized by international organizations for his services to society, but also to people of African descent. He has only remained the Vice President, because we do not have a monarchy in Suriname.”

Dundas: “So he wouldn’t be king of the Maroons and Afro-Surinamese. Nor is he above Granman and traditional authority. Traditional authority is well organized within our system. It’s just a title, the honor they want to give him. There are different kinds of awards. You can also Become a doctor one day without going to university.”

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