Android 14 update is available on Samsung Galaxy A52s and A33 phones

Android 14 update is available on Samsung Galaxy A52s and A33 phones

After the Galaxy A53, the Samsung Galaxy A52s and Galaxy A33 are now also receiving the major update to Android 14 and One UI 6. The A52 without s still has to be patient.

Galaxy A52s and A33 update: Android 14 and One UI 6

Not long ago, Samsung published an Android 14 update schedule stating that the Galaxy A33, A52(s), and A53 phones would be eligible for the upgrade in December. Surprisingly, the A53 actually made the jump in November. But the Galaxy A52s and A33 aren’t far behind, as it turns out today.

A major update today brings the Galaxy A52s to firmware version A528BXXU5FWK4, and the A33 to firmware version A336BXXU7DWK6. This has several improvements: Android OS version 14 and Samsung’s One UI version 6. On the A33, the update also installs the November patch – the A52s already had this, on both phones the upgrade is around 2.3GB.

The upgrade comes with many new or improved features. Think about updating Quick panel And the new One UI line. You are also handy Camera tools And other improvements, and become weatherThe tool and application have been expanded further. On the Lock the screen You can better customize the watch to your preferences, and there are new options for your phone’s security. In addition, Samsung has canceled it batteryManagement, and did so much more.


As always with these types of major upgrades, keep in mind that installing your phone will take some time, and most importantly! – Re-optimize the system. During this process, your energy consumption may be temporarily higher than usual. However, after a few hours or – at most – days, it will be back to normal again.

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The upgrade also has a “build error” on the Galaxy A52s and A33. This ensures that the icons in the status bar don’t occasionally jump a few pixels, meaning you run the risk of them burning into the screen in the long run. Other Samsung phones running Android 14 suffer from this as well. The South Koreans are expected to resolve this bug through a December update.

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You can now install the Android 14 update on Unbranded Galaxy A52s in the Netherlands, and on Unbranded Galaxy A33 in the Netherlands, Belgium and the rest of Europe. Other hardware variants – described The A52 5G and 4G models will also likely receive the update soon, but not today.

Do you have Android 14 on your Galaxy A52s or A33? Did everything go well, or did you encounter any new errors after installation? Share your experiences with this major update below.

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