“There are only losers”

“There are only losers”

in Open letter To the heads of OpenAI (ChatGPT), Google (Bard), Meta, and Microsoft, among other companies, more than eight thousand authors are demanding financial compensation from these tech companies because their work was used without permission to train language models behind chatbots like Chatbots. ChatGPT and cool.

They also want tech companies to ask for permission in advance to use their work.

Generative AI techniques built on large language models owe their existence to our holy books. The authors said in their letter that these technologies mimic and reshape our language, stories, style and ideas.

“Millions of copyrighted books, articles, essays, and poetry provide ‘food’ for AI systems, endless unpaid meals,” they wrote.

And: “You are spending billions of dollars to develop artificial intelligence technology.” They add that without the authors’ original work, this type of AI would be “trivial and very limited.”

Among the signatories are big names such as Margaret Atwood (The Handmaid’s Tale), Jonathan Franzen (Corrections, Crossroads) written by thriller writers James Patterson and Dan Brown.

Their call is in line with growing resistance against the practice of artificial intelligence companies scouring the Internet without even asking for permission to use text and images.

Earlier this month, American comedian Sarah Silverman and writers Richard Caddry and Christopher Golden filed lawsuits against Meta Platforms and OpenAI, the developer of ChatGPT.

Last month, a group of American consumers filed a lawsuit seeking $3 billion in damages. OpenAI is said to have taken 300 billion words from the Internet without permission, including e-books.

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Also against Creators of special artificial intelligence programs capable of creating new works of art based on existing works of art There are ongoing lawsuits, based on the belief that copyright has been infringed here as well.

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