March update makes Pixel 6 shakes too weak for users to notice – Tablets & Phones – News

Since the March update of the Google Pixel 6, users have been complaining that the vibrations on the phone are weaker than required. As a result, they will miss even important calls and notifications.

The update, released last week, only appears to have reduced the vibration level for notifications and calls; Vibrations that occur for other reasons will not diminish in intensity. Missed calls and notifications will occur even when the intensity setting is set to maximum. at reddit theme It is a smaller group of users who find lower density not to be annoying.

According to Reddit users, the issue was already brought to their attention during the beta phase of this update, but it looks like Google didn’t do anything about it. Remarkably, Google acknowledges the problem: According to Droid Life In the post, Google gave a file Change From the March update added that the problem with touch It has been corrected. However, based on the comments on Reddit, this does not appear to be true.

This isn’t the first time an update has introduced problems to the device. In December, an update showed that mobile network reception was very poor deteriorated† The same update also caused issues with Hold for Me and Call Screening features; That’s why they became Turn off from Google. Furthermore, there was a problem with the assistant who didn’t ask for it Telephone contacts committed.

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