Amy forces Rose to have a conversation with Saul while waiting outside for a taxi: 'I feel exhausted' |  Displays

Amy forces Rose to have a conversation with Saul while waiting outside for a taxi: 'I feel exhausted' | Displays

A winter full of loveAmy Rose, one of Saul's dates A winter full of love, couldn't hold back her tears on Thursday night's episode. Just as Saul was about to go on a date with newcomer Kelsey, Amy Rose forced him to have a private conversation with him. “I don't know where you stand and how you feel about me.”

20-year-old Amy Rose arrives first in Switzerland, hoping to win Saul's heart. This seems to be going well so far, because it soon turns out that the two have a good relationship and they share their first kiss.

Meanwhile, Jessie moved to Switzerland, but that adventure soon ended. Saul told her, off and on, that he and Amy Rose were in an intimate relationship and that there was a “block in his head” preventing him from opening up to Jesse. So she chose not to wait any longer and packed her bags. “If Saul chooses Amy Rose, we're not a match anyway,” she said after the rejection.

Amy Rose was happy that Jesse was gone, but that joy was only for a moment. Within a short time, Kelsey was already at the door, who also wanted to know if something could happen between her and Saul. While the three visited a lunch spot in the afternoon, a romantic dinner was planned for Sol and Kelsey later that day. So without Amy Rose. This really surprised her.


When Saul and Kelsey were about to get into the cab, Amy Rose pushed herself forward. I asked Saul, “Do you have five minutes or do you have to leave now?” He looked up with slight surprise and said that the taxi was already at the door, but in the end he allowed himself to be taken for a private conversation in Amy Rose's bedroom.

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“I'm finding today a little strange, even after yesterday. 'We're just chilling out together,' Amy Rose began her story, saying she felt 'overwhelmed' by Kelsey's 'busyness.' But something else was bothering Amy Rose: How does Saul actually feel about her?” She's a nice girl and I don't know how you feel about me. How do you think about me or her now?

Before Saul can answer that question, Amy Rose makes it clear to him that she doesn't want to be taken advantage of. Saul believed it was important to “continue communicating openly” and that his feelings would not simply disappear. “So you don't have to worry,” he promised her.

Saul's reassuring words benefited Amy Rose, even though she was unable to control her emotions after the conversation. “It's not that I feel bad for him. I'm actually relieved, that's why I have to cry. I'm happy,” Amy Rose sobbed in front of the cameras. She admitted that the whole adventure is a big “mind fucker.” “It's just a real rollercoaster.”

Amy Rose and Saul in the winter are full of love. © RTL

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