Verhoeven and Kuyt at a new sporting and music event HIT IT

Verhoeven and Kuyt at a new sporting and music event HIT IT

“On October 29, a lot of beautiful things will be treated like audiences in the United States and Japan,” Verhoeven promises. The evening will conclude with a fight against the world champion himself, although his opponent is still a surprise. “If I face a major opponent later as the GLORY Champion, there is still a lot at stake for me. I must remain undefeated until the end of 2024.”

According to the organization, the audience is also waiting for a spectacular show at half-time, such as the American performances around the Super Bowl. The live entertainment will be designed by dancer and choreographer Timur Stevens. The event lineup will be announced from April 15, and regular ticket sales will begin on April 21.

In addition to professional athletes, many famous guests participate in the ring as boxers. Ex-football player Dirk Coyt is one such celebrity. He will make his charity debut as a boxer and will face another famous person who has no background in sports. To prepare celebrities for the ring, they go to training with professional teams, including Rico Verhoeven’s.

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