After a terrible ending, this is Hashtag's biggest winner

After a terrible ending, this is Hashtag's biggest winner

It remained exciting until the end, but Tico Rovers won the Hashtag Media final. Not only did he win the exhilarating trophy, he also won a contract with Omroep Brabant. “More interest in art, culture and sports.”

For nine episodes, participants Jurgen Damen, Sasha Fricken, Tico Rovers, Elisa Chirico, Owen Metz and Stijn Verhulst competed against each other. And it remained incredibly sexy for nine episodes. Because only one can become the new Brabant Enzo Knol or Nikkie Tutorials.

Every week candidates receive a video assignment in a beautiful location and points are awarded. In addition, they also did a free final task and the audience of course had a big voice as well. during Youtube Candidates can be voted on.

25.4 points
The Hashtag jury consists of Omroep Brabant Editor-in-Chief Renzo Veenstra and six guest judges. They were Roy Donders, Iris Rollkins, Joris Wenen aka Chef Soldier, theme park vlogger Bart Pan, bio vlogger Mandy Bloom, and model Jenna July.

The nominees didn't make it easy for this jury. The final shows that it was a close race between the different participants to the end. At the last moment, Tico managed to achieve 8.2 points in the online score. This brought Tico's score to 25.4 points, beating the rest of the competition.

More art and culture
A start in Efteling, skills in making videos and a passion for theater seem to be Tico's formula for success. This can be seen in the last episode of the hashtag. “If I win the contract, I would like to pay more attention to art, culture and sports in Omroep Brabant,” Tico says in the episode.

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With the Hashtag Cup in hand and a contract with Omroep Brabant in his pocket, he is ready to take on this new challenge.

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