After podcasts, Spotify now wants more with video

After podcasts, Spotify now wants more with video

Spotify added the ability to create a video stream with Anchor some time ago. Now you will extend this feature to multiple countries. Unfortunately, the Netherlands is not among them yet.

Video streaming software was already available in English-speaking countries such as the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the US, but now it will also be available in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Brazil and Mexico. It is a pity that English audio video files are not available in the Netherlands: after all, we are a rather eloquent country when it comes to the English language. Spotify, do you read along?

Video podcast

Spotify wants to expand its global podcast presence in general, so it is hoped that it will eventually do the same in the Netherlands. It has already announced some new podcast playlists in Japan, the Philippines, and Argentina. But it also has to compete fiercely with YouTube, which is also frequently used to watch or listen to podcasts (video). Because of Spotify, the lines between listening to podcasts and watching podcasts are becoming increasingly blurred, although YouTube certainly has a stake in that.

What makes creating podcast videos so interesting is that you can earn money with it. Leave Spotify at the fore I knowVideo creators, like their audio counterparts, can reach millions of people on Spotify and use exclusive monetization opportunities, including Spotify podcast subscriptions, to turn videos into a new source of income. Meanwhile, fans have the option to watch episodes from the head to toe or seamlessly switch to background for on-the-go listening.”

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Not only listening, but also watching

You might be thinking of: Podcast video, What is it? You have to see them a bit like, say, radio stations that have a camera in a studio. You don’t necessarily have to make a whole genre of movie. People often just love seeing who’s talking. The idea is to then have a little idea of ​​what someone wants to say: You can read lips, see facial expressions, and yes, if someone wants to show something about a product, you can also see that instead of just imagining what it could be.

Very handy, because you have the choice: if you think the audio is good, leave it at that, and if you allow yourself to fully enjoy the podcast, you’ll watch too. But yes, not yet in the Netherlands. Hopefully we’ll have more luck when Spotify comes out with trivia games, because it bought the Heardle platform. It sounds like Wordle, but it’s mostly about music. It’s the first time Spotify has done something with games. Is he stalking Netflix? At least she’s ready to compete, as it turns out. Whether it’s with the world’s largest streaming service, or one of the largest video platforms.

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