Squid has 14 Emmy nominations, Zendaya is nominated for Youngest Producer ever |  show

Squid has 14 Emmy nominations, Zendaya is nominated for Youngest Producer ever | show

Zendaya, at 25, is the youngest producer to be nominated for an Emmy. The nominations for the most important American Television Awards were announced today. The Squid Game also received a Special nomination.

In total, Zendaya received three nominations. In addition to its role in trance Nominated for Best Leading Actress in a Drama Series, Zendaya is also competing for an Emmy Award in the Best Music and Lyrics category with two songs. The singer wrote songs Elliot song And the I’m exhausted. As a producer, she rivals the music from the series This is us, Schmiedon! And the The wonderful Mrs. Corn.

In the battle for Best Leading Actress, Zendaya faces Jodie Comer (Kill Eve), Laura Linney (Ozark), Melanie Lysenko (yellow jackets), Sandra Oh (Kill Eveand Reese Witherspoonmorning show† In 2020, at 24, Zendaya has already won an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series. She was the youngest ever winner in this category.

With her acting nominations and musical contributions, Zendaya is now variety Additionally, she is the first black woman to be nominated for both categories in the same year. She is also the youngest actress to be nominated twice for the Emmy Award for Best Actress.

squid game

Another nomination stands out. As the first non-English language series ever squid game Nominated for an Emmy Award for Best Drama Series. The hit Netflix series about a group of adults who have to play killer children’s games to earn money, has been nominated a total of 14 times for today’s top US TV awards.

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Also in the category of best dramas are things Ecstasy, Best Call of Saul, Ozark, Danger, Stranger Things, Succession And the yellow jackets for an Emmy Award. Squid also received nominations in the categories of Best Lead Actor (Lee Jung-jae), Best Supporting Actress (Jung Ho-yeon), Best Supporting Actor (Park Hae-soo, Oh Yeong-su), and Best Guest Actress (Lee You). -mee).

Want to see all the Emmy Awards nominees? over here Find the full list.

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