Linda de Mol voelt zich eenzaam

Linda de Mol thinks of moving: ‘She’s feeling lonely’

Linda de Mol bought the massive Oud Crailo estate in Huizen in 2002, but has lived there on her own since splitting with Jeroen Rietbergen. Nowadays, Linda is rarely seen in Het Gooi and it is whispered that she wants to move on to make a fresh start. “She thinks the house is too big and too empty.”

Linda de Mol has been in Amsterdam more in recent months than she has been in the quiet atmosphere. Not only will it have to do with the TV recordings of a new series and because her two kids Julian and Noa live there, but also because she doesn’t constantly stare at her.

‘People are staring at her’

“At Hit Joy, Linda isn’t an unknown,” an insider told Weekly Story. Although Linda is often seen shopping at Blaricum and Larraine, she can hardly be found there nowadays. “She seems to feel like people are staring at her or feeling sorry for her. That might also be why she hasn’t seen her here for ages.”

Will Linda change course?

According to locals, Linda is considering making a drastic change and selling her huge property. Linda is very rare here. After breaking up with Jeroen, she lives here on her own, and now she finds the house very big and very empty,” says the insider.

So locals won’t be surprised if Linda Het Gooi leaves for dynamic Amsterdam, where she can often walk anonymously. She would still be sad about the separation from Jeroen. His deception would make her doubt everything: who she was and especially what she wanted.

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