Abused Frédérique Enjoys Again Despite Physical Discomfort and Thanks 94,000 Letter Writers |  interior

Abused Frédérique Enjoys Again Despite Physical Discomfort and Thanks 94,000 Letter Writers | interior

After two weeks of severe abuse in Amstelveen, because she did not want to reveal whether it was a boy or a girl, 14-year-old Frederick was back in good shape again. She still suffers from the effects of her broken jaw, nose and teeth, but she is “hanging out with her friends again and is above all the loving big sister to her three brothers and sister,” her father said on social media.

According to him, his daughter is in “extremely good” condition, “although she is experiencing physical discomfort from the attack and will have to be treated for years because of this.” In the days following the attack, Fredericki had grown to “become a more powerful figure”. The 14 year old feels peace and love from all of you support from all over the world. She is enjoying again as she should for a 14 year old, hanging out with friends again, but above all she is the loving older sister to her three brothers and a sister because they cherish her so deeply. A smile for a carefree and loving casual life,” Paul Brink wrote in an update on Instagram and LinkedIn.

According to him, the physical pain of the attack gave way to pride, strength, communication and above all positivity. This is thanks to the tremendous support his daughter has received. Five million views, widespread outrage, global media coverage, over 200,000 digital responses and at least 94,000 physical messages (thanks to the National 538 Radio campaign) is a signal from all of us that everyone can live their own life and may give it, feel loved and accepted. He also feels it in his heart. Not just for Frederick but for many of us all. From Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Turkey, Korea, Thailand and Sweden to the United States and many other countries, Brink continues.

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The father also recalls the arrest of a suspected minor. Because of the very good police work, about 24 hours after the attack, Suspect arrested, only 14 years old. It shows us in the mirror that harsh punishment does not work, but tolerance and more information should be our common response. Cruel punishment, revenge, or vengeance is dysfunctional and only leads to the destruction of more lives.”

Brink thanks everyone for the concern and expressions of support for his daughter, with special reference to the municipality of Amstelveen. “The place in the Netherlands where everyone lives side by side in value, the safe haven of diversity and tolerance in the Netherlands.”

Closes with a warning. “Do not respond to evil or ignorance with resentment or revenge. Show compassion, show tolerance. Create a better world. Be a parent, be a relative, be a friend to your neighbors regardless of your differences. Be yourself, be loving, be proud. Be Frederick. As long as There are still obstacles that prevent people from saying “I love you” or expressing it or revealing it to their loved ones – or simply not being who they want to be – we still need all of you and Frederick,” says Paul Brink.

‘I am who I am’

the girl rode On Monday, July 26, around 2.15 p.m., a group of four to five boys, ages 11 to 15, were abused on the playground. In Albert van Dalsomlan in the county of Westwick in Amstelveen. After the attack, the group fled in the direction of Westwijkplein. Paul Brink posted a picture of his battered daughter on LinkedIn. He wrote that his daughter repeatedly yelled at her to ask if she was a boy or a girl. She initially replied, “It doesn’t matter,” and later said, “I am who I am and you can be whatever you want to be.” The boy didn’t like it, according to Brink. “With several blows to her face, her nose was broken, several teeth and her jaw was broken. She had several serious injuries to the face.

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Father was stunned. ‘Why would you do such a thing?’ My daughter Frederic is not transgender, she is just saying that she is who she is. Such a sentence provoked a lot of anger and aggression. He totally hits her.

flowers and mail

Three days after she was assaulted, Frederic said in The youth news all they areHe had received many flowers and dozens of boxes full of mail Including letters, graphics and stuffed animals. In a phone conversation, she said, “All the attention and love makes me happy and satisfied. I don’t know how I can say thank you for that.”

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