A former Algerian minister calls on the United Nations to cancel “African Lion 2024”

A former Algerian minister calls on the United Nations to cancel “African Lion 2024”

March 31, 2024 – 5:00 pm – Morocco


The planned “African Lion 2024” military exercise in Morocco, which will take place partly in the desert, is facing protest from Algeria. Former Minister Abdelkader Ben Qurayna calls on UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to cancel the exercise.

Ben Qurinah, a former Algerian minister and leader of the National Construction Movement party, described the Sahara maneuvers as “an illegal aggression against the sovereign territory of Western Sahara.” He says this is “a violation of the right to self-determination supported by the United Nations.” Bin Qurayna urged the participating countries to boycott the exercises.

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The announcement of African Lion 2024 prompted Algeria to intensify its military maneuvers. The Algerian army leadership wants to increase the readiness of its forces to be able to respond to all potential threats.

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Despite Algerian objections, African Lion 2024 will go ahead. The exercise, which will be held from May 20 to 31, aims to strengthen military cooperation between Morocco and the United States and enhance stability in the region. Planning for the exercise is already at an advanced stage. The final planning meeting was held in Agadir in March with representatives from ten countries, including Morocco and the United States.

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