The Corps is taking measures to increase police visibility

The Corps is taking measures to increase police visibility

The Suriname Police Force Command held a working meeting with the Saramaka District Police Command on Saturday, March 30.

During the Meeting last Saturday Police Chief Brian Isaac has instructed the Regional Police Commander and District Commanders in Saramacca District to take measures to increase police visibility.

Earlier this week, a discussion took place on this matter at the Ministry of Justice and Police between the Minister and the Saramacca District Commissioner, regarding the increase in violent robberies in the Saramacca District.

Businessmen and citizens in the Saramaka area want the police stations in Uitkijk near the bridge and Monkshoop to be permanently manned. DC Shirin Bansi Durga explained to the minister how important it is for the bridge control post to be permanently manned, otherwise it will be like cleaning with the tap running.

After their robbery, criminals usually use the Lookout Bridge and Tawajarieweg towards the Wanica area as a safe escape route with many escape options, where the chance of being caught is minimal.

Minister Amoxi promised to cooperate with the capital to ensure that these aid centers are staffed as quickly as possible. He indicated that he would immediately contact the police chief and the regional police chief regarding this matter.

During the meeting held on Saturday in Saramacca, it was noted that monitoring will be implemented more effectively. The police chief stressed that all support will be provided to carry out large-scale operations in the area in order to improve the sense of security.

Director of Operations and Commissioner of Police Melvin Penas and Director of Policy Preparation and Administration Commissioner of Police Rishi Akal were also present at the meeting.

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