Damage to the Emirates A380 after the "Big Bang" |  video

Damage to the Emirates A380 after the “Big Bang” | video

An Emirates Airbus A380 with a hole in the fuselage landed at Brisbane Airport earlier this weekend.

The registered A6-EVK took off from Dubai International Airport at 03:10 am local time. “About 30-45 minutes after takeoff we heard a loud bang. I turned to my wife and said whatever was going to bother the pilots. It definitely didn’t sound like normal turbulence,” one passenger said of the flight. AV Herald† However, the route to Brisbane continued as usual. “The flight remained fine, I did not hear any strange sounds,” said the same passenger.

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After a flight of more than thirteen hours, the A380 approached the Australian airport. The pilots suspected that the plane’s frame was broken. So they asked air traffic control to put emergency services on alert. Our flight EK430, which was taking off from Dubai to Brisbane on 1 July, encountered a technical failure during the flight. The plane landed safely in Brisbane and all passengers disembarked as scheduled.” simple flight† The plane eventually landed on runway 19R. “Before landing, they asked us to land on a different runway,” continues the same passenger. The giant jumbo will be checked later for a problem with the landing gear. However, the landing was “very smooth”.

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After landing, the A380 was towed to the parking lot. The relieved passenger noticed with amazement that there was a gap in the fuselage. Thereafter, the device was grounded in Brisbane for investigation and repair. according to Flight radar 24 The plane will return to Dubai today.

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