A dead gopher gives himself a standing ovation

A dead gopher gives himself a standing ovation

Stefano Kaiser is now definitely done with Stefano Kaiser. After nearly eight years of his alter ego, Gover Meit, as the cabaret artist is truly called, has reached his artistic limits and believes it is time for something new. It tells Op1 about what we can expect and whether the person will be accepted to Gover Meit.

After nearly eight years as his alter ego Stefano Kaiser, Gover Meit has reached his artistic limits and believes it’s time for something new. Not only to himself, but also on the talk show where he suddenly stands up to do the interview standing up. “I’m a little sick of TV being made with people just sitting around talking.”

“People always find it very annoying when I do something unpredictable. So it is likely that after that he will decide not to contact me anymore, because he sometimes gets up on the table. Gover Meit doesn’t make any bones about it: He really likes to stand out. “But I think I’m also doing it to show that you can make something out of life.”

standing ovation

“I don’t know if I will get rid of the stigma that Stefano Kaiser has, but I feel very strongly that I can kick my ass as an artist and be able to try something different again.” According to the comedian, now is the time to get a pat on the back. “I want to give myself a very warm welcome because I think what you’ve done over the years is amazing.”

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Non-ruling Stefano?

“Does Gover act differently than Stefano?” he asks. Political journalist Thomas van Groeningen for the comedian. “Not at all. Stefano Kaisers was a stage name, but Stefano Kaiser has become more than me.” I have such a desire to make things up. I have such a desire to look for originality in things. This is always difficult.”

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Watch here the conversation with Gover Meit saying goodbye to his alter ego Stefano Keizers.

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