Severe winter weather in the United States with an unclear number of deaths as a result

Severe winter weather in the United States with an unclear number of deaths as a result

In the United States, many people have died due to the harsh winter weather that has plagued the country, although it is unclear exactly how many. NBC News reported 17 deaths in Oklahoma, Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Kansas, Nebraska and Ohio. CNN estimates at least 11 deaths.

For many Americans, the question is whether they will be able to get to their Christmas destination in time. Yesterday, more than 5,200 flights were canceled across the United States due to a historic severe winter storm. Dozens of trains also did not leave. Flights and trains are also expected to be canceled this weekend and roads will be impassable.

Historic winter storm with -39°C

The United States is experiencing a “historic winter storm,” according to the National Weather Service. More than two-thirds of the population has been warned Severe weather. The temperature has dropped to tens of degrees below zero in many places and it may get colder in the coming days. Severe weather is accompanied by a lot of snow. And the coldest yesterday, according to the Meteorological Service, was in the city of Havre in northern Montana, where a temperature of -39 degrees Celsius was measured.

Across the country, 1.5 million homes and businesses were left without power yesterday. In North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma and Iowa, visibility on the roads was almost zero, and authorities urged people to stay indoors. Several states have reported road deaths due to the extreme conditions, but the total number of victims has not been determined.

Severe winter weather in Japan

Not only does the United States have to deal with harsh winter weather, 13 people have also died in Japan due to heavy snowfall. More than 80 people were injured, 30 of them seriously. The authorities stated that more than ten thousand homes were cut off from electricity.

Snow storms are raging in northern Japan and high waves are measured along the Sea of ​​Japan coast. It can fall up to 60 cm of snow. Train and air traffic were also disrupted in the north of the country, and parts of central and western Japan experienced traffic disruptions due to the wintry weather.

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Severe winter weather in the United States with temperatures as low as -39 degrees has led to an unclear number of deaths

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