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Trade News; Howard To Decide Soon; & More

Free agency can be a crazy time in sports. With rumors flying around, players getting signed and coaches being brought in, it’s tough to stay with every piece of news.

So let’s bring you some of the biggest stories from the past week.

News From This Past Week:

  • J.R. Smith agrees to $24.7M contract with Knicks, agent says. I love the move for New York because Smith is a flat-out stud on the perimeter and a great sixth man option off the bench
  • Kings nearing trade of Tyreke Evans to Pelicans for Greivis Vasquez, Robin Lopez. The Pelicans (worst name in sports) would be wise to add Evans to the roster. The guy can be an all-star performer in the right system
  • Pistons’ bid to land Raptors’ Rudy Gay goes away, according to reports
  • Chase Budinger returning to Timberwolves
  • Kobe Bryant says he can play at a high level for another three years. I believe that Kobe has three more good years in him, and if he believes it, you can’t go against him
  • Clippers land J.J. Redick, Jared Dudley in three-team trade; Suns get Eric Bledsoe. Very interesting move for both teams, but I like the Suns getting Bledsoe in this deal
  • Kevin Martin signs 4-year $28 million contract with Timberwolves
  • Nazr Mohammed staying with Bulls to play 16th NBA season
  • Grizzlies reach deal with Tony Allen
  • Wizards, Garret Temple agree to one-year deal
  • Manu Ginobili gets two-year, $14 million deal from Spurs. Good move by San Antonio although you can’t deny how Ginobili tired out down the stretch
  • Celtics Hire Brad Stevens as Head Coach. This was from left field, wasn’t it? I didn’t see this coming and neither did most
  • Former NBA guard Acie Law signs with Olympiacos
  • The entire league awaits Dwight Howard’s decision as cities continue to offer random ideas such as free chicken tenders for life. Funny, unbelievable and completely unordinary. I don’t remember LeBron James doing this, do you? Dwight Howard is everything James was on the night of ‘The Decision’ and then some. Disgraceful

Biggest Takeaways From The Week:

  • Brad Stevens gets hired by Celtics. Easily, aside from all the signings, Stevens going to the Celtics has to be the biggest takeaway this week. Will it work? Brad Stevens isn’t going into the best situation and that’s where the downfall will come. He will get everything possible out of the team that is currently constructed, but he’s destined to fail unless a couple more stars join Rajon Rondo
  • Kobe Bryant thinks he can play at a high level for three more years. Will it be enough to keep Dwight Howard? I don’t think so, and I don’t think the two work well together anyway. Bryant needs to have his team play around him not around the center. Los Angeles is Kobe’s city
  • Dwight Howard should choose Houston as his next destination. With James Harden, solid shooters on the perimeter and a nice future, Houston would be the best place to go for Howard. He knows where he’s going to go, but he’s going to draw it out to the last minute. That’s just what he does

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