Zimra Gorts forgives Tim Hoffman for his misogynistic texts |  stars

Zimra Gorts forgives Tim Hoffman for his misogynistic texts | stars

In the video, part of the broadcast squirt and swallowHoffmann can be seen making a comment on camera about ‘Görz’s bigger breasts than the rest of Holland’. During the next interview, he advises the model to “show your nipple.” In an extensive post, Geurts now says she noticed several things about the video. “I basically see two guys who think that if they make rude and stupid comments they will be seen as ‘cool’ and ‘cool’ and people will love them,” she wrote. “I see two guys imitating the behavior they grew up in. At that time there were (and still are) many really sterile programs where people did the dumbest things, like ‘Yeah that’s cool, then you’re cool’ if you get involved in it and act like that.”

When you look at herself, you see a girl pretending to be “many times dumber” than she was. According to her, it was “sort of a trend” on TV when she was growing up. “I got out of the gym myself, but walked with her, insecure as I was. Then people could laugh at me and like me,” Gorts says. “I forgive Tim and I forgive myself for pretending to be much dumber than I am now. I am grateful for the lessons you gave us.”


She also praised Tim in an episode booMany women told their stories of sexual misconduct behind the scenes Holland sound By band leader Jeroen Rittbergen, coaches Ali B and Marco Borsato and program director. „Greetings to Tim and his team for this powerful episode of boo And give these women a platform and a voice! Thanks! “

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Hoffmann of AD on Saturday apologized for his comments in the 10-year-old’s video and said he was ashamed of the photos. “It was a mistake, I’m ashamed of,” he said. „It was in 2012: Behind the scenes at Squirt and swallow. I’ve learned a lot since then, including more on these topics: homophobia, racism, and legality [discriminatie van mensen op grond van een beperking, redactie]. It was a mistake and the apology is appropriate.”

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