Ziggo Sport breidt sportaanbod uit

Ziggo Sport expands its sports offer

Ziggo Sport will include a new sport in programming. Consequently, VodafoneZiggo’s payment channel increasingly ranks itself as the sport’s beacon in the Netherlands.

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Ziggo Sport has signed an agreement with the Dutch Cricket Federation (KNCB) so that three one-day matches for the Dutch national team against Ireland can be watched on the Sports Channel in June. This is the first time that the Dutch national team cricket matches have been broadcast live on a TV channel. Compared to football, golf and Formula 1, cricket is a fringe sport in the Netherlands, however Ziggo Sport This way, he confirms that he is also not overlooked by smaller sports.

Ziggo Sport

Ziggo Sport is the primary digital channel used by cable company Ziggo – it is also a part of it Vodafone – It is delivered to all customers on the pre-set 14 channel at no additional cost. The Ziggo Sport programming is 99 percent compatible with the Ziggo Sport Select channel, which, as part of the Ziggo Sport Totaal propulsion channel, also with other providers KPNAnd the Digital channel On T-Mobile Will be delivered.

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