In the world of sports too, girls are for Europe

In the world of sports too, girls are for Europe

Forbes Annual Survey 50 strongest sports clubs in the world Confirms the trend that can also be observed in the economy. This development can be summed up in a few points.

1. Despite empty stadiums, the value of the top 50 sports teams has never been higherIn 2020, these 50 clubs saw an average increase in value of 10 percent. If we compare with 5 years ago, there is an increase of at least 55 percent.

2. America dominates the worldOf the 50 clubs ranked by Forbes, 41 clubs play in the three major American leagues: the NFL (American Football League, 26), the NBA (Basketball, 9), and MLB (baseball, 6). This is despite the fact that income for the same three competitions decreased by an average of 30% in 2020.

3. The crumbs the Americans left for EuropeWhich occupies 9 places, all occupied by football clubs … Looking at the European Union, four places remain: two for Spain (Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​both in the top five) and one respectively for Germany and France (Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain) Because the UK ranks five.

But … three European football clubs are among the six that have doubled in value over the past five years: Paris Saint-Germain (+ 207%), Liverpool (+ 165%) and Manchester City (+ 108%).

4. TV rights make the difference. They’ve now crossed $ 1 billion a season in the NFL and MLB and even $ 2 billion in the NBA. If football is to break the financial strength of American sport, it will be necessary to redistribute television revenues or create a closed Super League on the American model. But an initiative meaning a recently closed European football tournament did not hold for 48 hours.

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5. The top five are as follows:

  1. Dallas Cowboys (NFL) – $ 5.7 million
  2. New York Yankees (MLB) – $ 5.25 million
  3. New York Knicks (NBA) – $ 5 million
  4. Barcelona (La Liga) – $ 4.76 billion
  5. Real Madrid (La Liga) – $ 4.75 billion

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