Sports clubs hope to restore the former members

Sports clubs hope to restore the former members

And another wave of cancellations may be on the horizon as members who did not have to pay when their gym closed are now canceling their membership because they have to pay again. This effect has been observed in many other countries, including the United Kingdom, de Heer knows. He also says whether gyms survive this year also depends on the cabinet. “What will they do with the tax debt and how will they continue with the support measures?”

However, all of this is not a reason why gyms can make signing up more expensive, de Heer believes. The gyms’ spokesperson Fit for Free and SportCity agree: “The gyms must also remain competitive.”

At the moment, there is a major enthusiasm in the gyms, because “there is a lot of enthusiasm for the sport again,” says de Heer. A Fit for Free and SportCity spokesperson is also positive: “Many of our gyms are fully booked in the coming days or even weeks.” The opening was celebrated lavishly at David Lloyd’s gyms. The doors opened in the middle of the night and the athletes could finally get to exercise again, with DJs for the occasion. “All clubs were fully booked last night,” says Bob de Buff, director of the David Lloyd Club in Amsterdam, “but that of course worked quickly because only 30 people are allowed to exercise in one room.”

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