Je kan nu solliciteren via TikTok en grote bedrijven doen al mee

You can now apply via TikTok and already big companies are participating


Serious content, especially job related, scores better and better on TikTok. Companies see this as an opportunity to reach a new generation. What Kind of Job Opportunities Can Be Found in TikTok Resumes? And what should this video look like?

Career trend on TikTok

We know TikTok from memes, dances and last but not least delicious pasta with feta. But now more and more serious advice is being offered. The tips that TikTokkers are sharing in your career is surely on the rise. For example, use of the hashtag #careeradvice grew exponentially in the early months of 2021.

TikTok itself is happy with this trend. “We want people to use TikTok not just for entertainment, but to learn something new or get inspired to do something they haven’t done before,” the social media channel wrote in June 2020. . “

Speaking to The Washington Post, Kate Barney, head of human resources at TikTok-Global Business Solutions, said employers have started using the platform to find interns or employees. HBO received over three hundred summer internship applications last year from people who signed up using the hashtag #HBOMaxsummeritern. This is not the only example of companies using TikTok to reach a new generation of employees.

A pilot with a new instrument

So, TikTok is starting a beta with a new tool. It allows users with a video resume to apply for jobs at Shopify and Target, for example. It’s a short-term beta program and now limited to jobs in the US, but if all goes well, there’s a good chance we can apply worldwide via TikTok in the future.

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More than thirty large companies have registered to participate in the pilot program. For example, Shopify is looking for a Senior Data Scientist via the social media channel, Detroit Pistons for a video producer and NASCAR for a digital marketing coordinator. Other companies like Target and Chipotle are looking for people to work in their restaurants and warehouses.

Curious about what a video like this would look like on TikTok? First of all, the platform emphasizes not telling the last name and personal information in the video, which you can put on the form. Additionally, the videos are short but sweet at the moment, although TikTok currently posts videos up to three minutes long.

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