X-Marine (28) is 'sensitive to gravity' and faints after standing still for minutes |  Abroad

X-Marine (28) is ‘sensitive to gravity’ and faints after standing still for minutes | Abroad

SyndromeBeing able to stand for no more than three minutes, lie in bed 23 hours a day and faint dozens of times a day: For most people, it sounds like a real nightmare, but for 28-year-old Lindy Johnson, it’s a reality. The American woman suffers from a severe form of the syndrome that she describes herself as “gravity sensitivity”.

How many times Lindsay Johnson stands per day can be calculated in terms of: American women get out of bed only to shower and eat. Lindsey, who shares the course of her illness on social media, suffers from a severe form of “Positional Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome” (POTS). This is a condition in which the heart beats at an abnormal speed when it switches from a lying to a standing position.

In the United States, approximately 500,000 people are said to have this syndrome. The average age at which POTS develops is 20 years. This disease is more common in women. Treatment is successful in about 90 percent of patients. For example, the patient should take more salt and fluids, wear compression stockings, follow exercise therapy, and take medications. In extreme cases, as with Lyndsi, the patient is no longer able to perform daily activities.

Lindsay had her first complaint in 2015. At the time, she was experiencing severe pain in the lower abdomen and back. Symptoms continued to worsen. After a while, Lindsay vomited several times a day and fainted up to ten times. The lady had consulted many doctors over the years, but they had repeatedly convinced her that her fear of failure was the cause of the symptoms. Lindsey was diagnosed with POTS in February 2022. “I was so grateful to finally know what was wrong with me so that I could be treated.”

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sensitivity to gravity

Lindsay describes her illness: “I’m allergic to gravity.” Although she is now taking medication, she still faints daily and can barely leave her house. So Lindsay relies heavily on her husband James (30). “I lie in bed all day, up to 23 hours a day, while he does everything for me.”

Twenty people were in the Marines in the past, but they had to give up this job. You can no longer drive. “I really had to adjust to this new lifestyle,” Lindsey says. “I used to be very active and now I have to lie down all day, but I’ve learned to accept that,” it seems.

Lindsey served in the US Navy before she fell ill. © Facebook/Lindsey Johnson

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