Wonderful!  "Star Trek" ties two series together

Wonderful! “Star Trek” ties two series together


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Wonderful! “Star Trek” ties two series together

The second episode of the fourth season Star Trek: Discovery It can be seen in the United States. It contains a very important link to Star Trek: Picard.

In this article, we will tell you about this connection. So please note: This article contains spoilers.

Star Trek-Connection

the ring abnormality He has direct contact with Piccard. We hear Picard’s last name, how he fell terminally ill and then got another body. The idea seems to be that Gray Tull can also return to this reality in this way.

Members Star Trek: Discovery He’ll remember Gray as Trill, a former host of the Tal symbiote. It turns out that Gray still exists as an individual, precisely because he possesses an equaliser. The theory is that those thoughts should be retrievable.

Eight hundred years later Star Trek: Picard discovers d. Culber was worked by Alton Song as he searched for solutions to Gray’s situation. “The process was tried several times after Dr. Song used it on an Admiral in Starfleet. His name was Picard.”Culber told Adera.

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