Daphne Decker on The Masked Singer: Buck was a great gift

Daphne Decker on The Masked Singer: Buck was a great gift

When Daphne was told that the suit would come out of the bookworm, I immediately wondered if it wouldn’t be so thick on top. After all, Daphne is a writer and there’s a good chance the link will be established soon. Add to that her suit covered in tennis balls, which is of course a nod to her husband’s ex-tennis player Richard Krajesek, and you’d think everyone would notice. “I thought this suit was a great gift,” Daphne tells host Rick Brandsteder.

When asked about her motivation for participating in the show, she didn’t have to think twice. “When are you going to experience that a suit like this is all made for you and that you’re learning to sing and get choreography. I’ve never tried that otherwise.” However, I also found it intimidating. “You’re so weak, because you’ll sing when you can’t sing and dance when you can’t actually dance. So they won’t be asking me for a musical soon,” Daphne says.

Despite the obvious insinuations, Daphne managed to remain anonymous until the last moment. Carlo then told her that perhaps precisely because she was so thick, they thought it wouldn’t be her.

The one who was quickly guessed by the committee and viewers was Luke Eikenk.

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