Will the nuclear deal resume?

Will the nuclear deal resume?

Precious time

The remaining four permanent members of the UN Security Council: China, Russia, France, Germany and Iran and the United States sit around the table. “Iran does not want to sit at the same table with the United States because the United States has left. So it is complicated on both sides. Iran is putting its own demands on the United States,” Roland said.

Negotiations have been postponed for several months, beginning in June. “Everyone expected Biden to start working on it shortly after taking office. Many people think he has lost his precious time. At that time there was a pretty de facto president in Iran. Presidential elections were held in June, which were rigged. The Conservative became president. , Gave Iran a long time to get ready. “


Trump abandoned the deal, calling it “the worst deal in history.” This has had major repercussions for Iran’s nuclear activities, Rolandes says: “US sanctions have been lifted, and Iran has begun to enrich uranium further. Come to an agreement because it was in their favor. “

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