Falling black silver sales online in the United States

Falling black silver sales online in the United States

For the first time, there was less online shopping during Black Friday in the United States. According to data from Adobe Analytics Americans spent $ 8.9 billion on online stores last Friday. A year ago it was 9 billion. Not much decay, but striking. However, US stores need not worry. According to Adobe, the decline in online sales of black silver may be due to more stores deciding to make ‘black silver deals’ available earlier.

Black Friday word, black week of the month

Black silver has been a household name in the Netherlands for about six years now. We know Black Silver primarily from pushing, beating and kicking Americans who attack stores and try to bargain on ‘Black Friday’. Fortunately, that madness was avoided in the Netherlands and with the advent of online shopping, ‘fighting’ is much less common in the US as well.

Of course, online shopping also plays a role. People are in demand and less and less often go to body shops. Also, as already announced, Black Friday is slowly but surely becoming ‘Black Week’ or ‘Black Month’. Offers are only valid on Fridays after Thanksgiving, but will run for a week or a month.

Is Cyber ​​Monday Best?

Traditionally, the Monday following Black Friday is ‘Cyber ​​Monday’. First, on that day, online shoppers were offered offers like black silver. Now we are always shopping online and it is questionable whether Black Friday will last ‘long’ and whether Cyber ​​Monday will last long. At least this year anyway.

Black Silver History

There are many theories as to where the name black silver came from. From supermarkets who started “selling” the day after Thanksgiving to Philadelphia Police who used the term to describe heavy traffic on Friday after Thanksgiving. In the 1980s, thanks to good sales figures at the beginning of the festive season, black silver was thought to indicate that stores could write black numbers again.

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