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Joe Biden is more decisive than the friend and foe thought. He has done short work on the image of the fragile old man. But the other image – a president here who can rule the truth above all else – is doomed. According to CNN’s fact-finding, Biden lied 29 times in his first 100 days. John and Bernard go on this list.

# 75 Jokes

Compared to Trump who lied 214 times in his first 100 days – and 30,573 times during his entire presidency, according to the Washington Post – things are still not bad, but there are some. Serious complications About immigration, the crisis on the Mexican border and taxes. It begs the question of why presidents often lie, from Washington and Jefferson to Johnson, Nixon, Reagan, Bush 1 and Bush 2, and of course Clinton. John and Bernard list the most famous lies.


Of course, Republicans are making progress this time around. They stick with the stolen election theme that 70 percent of Republican voters believe. They came up with a story that was prepared as fitness climate politics Marking the end of the hamburger. This is a good reason why John and Bernard are immersed in the history of this very popular American dish. No, McDonald’s is not the first.

51st State?

Question: Where does John live? Answer: Washington D.C. That ‘DC’ refers to the District of Columbia. This is not a state, and for decades residents and a large number of sympathizers have been campaigning for DC state rights in the past. Then it will become the 51st state. Residents have the right to vote, but there are no representatives in Congress, and that will change. The House of Representatives is in favor, but the Senate is prohibitive, and Not just Republicans, Because – tell the opponents – this can only be done through the backlink of the constitution, the rights bill, the set of all amendments.

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