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These are the download speeds you would expect in North America

(Credit: Harris Wilson)

Interested in comparing Starling internet speeds in US and Canada? The Oklahoma company behind Speedest owns it Put it out Download charges for Starling users in North America and you will notice that your results may vary.

Okla checked Mediators Download results Starling users have registered with in the first quarter of 2021.

Credit: Okla

Research shows that Starling download speeds may vary, which is consistent with Okla’s earlier results. “In the United States, Starling’s average download speeds for the first quarter of 2021 ranged from 40.36 Mbps in the Columbia district of Oregon to 93.09 Mbps in Shasta County, California,” the company said.

Interestingly, Okla compared Starling’s pace to existing provincial-level ISPs. In some cases the progress is dramatic. For example, in Tahama County, California, Starling offers a download speed of 545.6% faster than the competition.

Credit: Okla

Elsewhere, however, Okla says Starling’s speed was “a disappointment.” In Clay County, Missouri, the service offers 67.9% slower speeds than competing carriers. Clay County – including Kansas City, Missouri – has fiber optic Internet service providers. So this is not the best comparison that can be made at the district level.

In Canada, the average Starling download speed ranged from 53.6 Mbps in Ontario to 80.6 Mbps in Saskatchewan.

Map of Oklahoma

Credit: Okla

Okla compared Starling speeds to the country’s current service providers. However, it should be noted that the Canadian provinces are much larger than the US provinces and thus have more competition.

Map of Oklahoma

Credit: Okla

“In Saskatchewan and Manitoba, Starling customers reported average download speeds of 59.6% and 38.5% faster than all other standard broadband providers. In Quebec, the average download speed was the same, with Starling running only 3.4% slower. In both countries, the average download speed for Starling was 20.9%, 24.2%, 29.5% and 40.7% slower than other standard broadband providers, ”says Okla.

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Another factor the company noticed was Starling’s delay. In general, Okhla invented a trophy Mediators Delays are always higher than standard broadband providers, which is to be expected. Starling works by sending Internet data from orbiting satellites to a dish in the subscriber’s home. As a result, it usually takes longer to transmit Internet data compared to a fiber optic cable or local mobile signal.


Credit: Okla

“Average delay values ​​ranging from 31 ms (Kitty County, Washington) to 88 MS (Otseau County, Michigan) were found in Starling,” says Okla. “By comparison, the average response time values ​​for all other service providers range from 8 MS (Fairfax County, Virginia) to 47 MS (Davis County, Kentucky).”

However, Starling’s latency speeds are significantly better than other satellite Internet providers. In November, Okla submitted data to the PC Mac, with its competitors Husnet and ViaSat’s exit averaging 728m and 643m, respectively.

Starling is still in beta, so it’s in process. However, satellite internet service promises to get faster over time. For example, SpaceX plans to increase the download speed of the service to 300 Mbps later this year. However, the ability to maintain this speed with regular daily use is another matter. As SpaceX improves technology and launches more satellites into orbit, the company is looking at speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second and 10 gigabits per second.

“The Starling (Elon) musk experience is absolutely fantastic and we appreciate any effort to better serve the rural people,” Okla wrote in a blog post. However, these were clearly the early days of Starling. We will see how performance improves as more satellites are launched and more users join the service. ”

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(Disclosure: Okla is owned by PCMac’s parent company, Giff Davis.)

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