Wilders: Support for Ukraine is still on the table

Wilders: Support for Ukraine is still on the table

Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders is still keen to negotiate with other parties on support for Ukraine. He does not believe that the potential confusion that might arise around this matter makes sense. Wilders said this on Wednesday ahead of a conversation about government formation with whistleblower Kim Potters.

Wilders calls it “logical” for his party in the Senate to stick to the old Party for Freedom line on Tuesday by voting against additional support for Ukraine, because negotiations with the other constituent parties on a new common position have not yet taken place. “My suggestion was that we want to talk about other forms of support. But there has been no conversation yet,” Wilders said on Wednesday.

Wilders admitted that at the present time the matter remains just words and not yet actions. “Words, yes.” Thus the invitation to talk about it. This is an important opportunity that we have presented because we would like to see the formation of a right-wing government quickly. If we start negotiating, this will no longer be taboo for us. “How clear are you that you want it?” says Wilders.

Entering the consultation room to discuss government formation, the Freedom Party leader once again increased pressure on NSC leader Peter Umtsigt to return to the table to negotiate with the Freedom Party, Freedom and Democracy Party, and BBB over a right-wing government. Wilders believes this has become more important because he has noticed a lack of interest among other parties in participating in a “broader government outside parliament.”

ANP – PVV leader Geert Wilders arrives for a new round of discussions with informant Kim Potters.

“We depend largely on ourselves; “The four parties are PVV, VVD, NSC and BBB,” says Wilders. “The Netherlands is eager to form a government, so let's do it with the four of us very quickly and in any way possible.”

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In response to Omtzigt's previous refusal, Wilders said: “Yes, that is also an answer.” This statement is a variation on BBB leader Caroline van der Plas's call on Tuesday evening on RTL talk show Humberto for more clarity from Umtzigt about the Cabinet's involvement: “No is also an answer,” Van der Plas said.

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