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Wacom announces the Cintiq Pro 27. This tablet has a 26.9-inch screen with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. The panel offers a 120Hz refresh rate, HDR support, and comes with a customizable Wacom Pro Pen 3 stylus.

Cintiq Pro 27 has a touch-sensitive IPS panel and can According to Wacom Displays 99 percent of the Adobe RGB color space and 98 percent of the DCI P3 color space. The screen offers a brightness of 400 cd / m². The device weighs 7.2 kilograms and measures 638 x 379 x 31 mm. The screen area of ​​​​26.9 inches is 596 x 335 mm, which makes the Cintiq Pro 27 smaller than 2018 Cintiq Pro 24, which has a smaller screen size of 23.6 inches and dimensions of 677 x 394 x 47 mm. This device has wider bezels, but a smaller diagonal screen.

Eight buttons can be found on the back of the tablet, which according to Wacom the user can program themselves. The drawing board has an HDMI 2.1 port, a Mini DisplayPort connector, two USB-C connections, and a USB-A port. Wacom is also adding the Wacom Pen 3 to the tablet. According to the manufacturer, this pen supports 8,192 different pressure levels. According to the manufacturer This pen can be customized in terms of weight, thickness, buttons and center of balance. The artboard can be connected to a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer via HDMI, MiniDP, or USB-C.

Wacom does not provide an artboard standard, but it has been developed. The stand is available separately for $599. The device also has a VESA 100 connection. The same digital drawing tablet It costs 3850 euros.

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