Vivaldi supports the Mastodon private server option in Browser – Computer – News

Vivaldi developers have integrated an option for its own instance of the Mastodon social platform into the browser. Users can add the so-called Vivaldi Social to the sidebar and open it there with the press of a button.

Vivaldi from Version 5.6.0 It includes the option to add the Mastodon copy to the browser, where there is also the option to add other servers of the social platform as a web panel to the sidebar. Unlike most social media, Mastodon is not a single platform, but rather a series of decentralized managed servers. This becomes all Also called “federal universe”. Vivaldi Social is one such server and is managed by the team behind poweruser browser. This became the “less big tech” part of the Mastodon announced last month It can also be used outside of Vivaldi Browser.

Furthermore, the latest version of Vivaldi adds some new functionality to the browser, including the ability to pin a group of tabs. Previously it was already possible to pin an individual tab; You can now using “stacks” of tabs. Also, the developers have modified the settings interface and allow users from certain countries to use as a full-fledged search engine.

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