Visser Job Shot pulls ship out of sale: Brexit deal isn't that bad

Visser Job Shot pulls ship out of sale: Brexit deal isn’t that bad

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“The judgment is to look to the future.” That was the sentence hunter Job Schott of Thulen uttered at the end of last year in the run-up to the Brexit deal. It was not clear at the time whether it was a deal scenario or not. That’s why Schott offered his ship for sale in case the deal went wrong.

But this did not happen. The permits have been issued by the UK and this means the networks can be turned off again. This is also the reason why Schot removed the sell sign. “We have received permission and now fortunately it is no longer necessary to sell my ship. I am happy with that. For myself, my son and the boys on board.”

If you catch a lot of fish, there will also be a lot of fish, why do we have to leave? “

Jan Schaer of ARM15 on the situation in Norwegian waters.

At the beginning of this year, there were also concerns about controls in territorial waters. The UK has indicated that it will use frigates for this purpose, among other things. Hunters were afraid that the inspections would be very strict and take a lot of time. “The closer I got to England, the more scared I became. But they were on the plane, and so were their colleagues, and anyway it wasn’t that bad.”

It should be noted that fishermen in Zealand are allowed to fish 25 percent less in English waters for all types of fish caught. But the nets can now be brought out again and that is good news for the estimated 100 families in Zealand who depend on fishing in this region.

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norwegian water

Nets can also be removed in Norwegian waters. As a result of the Brexit situation, Norway decided to shut down its waters for three months at the beginning of this year. They wanted better agreements with European Hunters. This was a setback for Zeeland fishermen who had just moved from English waters to Norwegian waters.

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One cutter that did this at the end of last year was Jan Schaier’s ARM15 from Arnemuiden. According to him, the shutdown was totally unexpected. “We’ve never seen that before. And then you can fish for three months less and that affects your income.”

The area is now open again and permits have been issued here as well. But with a warning from the Norwegian government. I decided that part of the area could be closed off to fishermen if they thought there was too much fishing. They can do this because they are not members of the European Union.

Jan Shire finds this incomprehensible. “If you catch a lot of fish, there are also a lot of fish, why do we leave? We have our quota and we are no longer allowed to fish. So what’s the problem?” But as said, the nets can now be removed there and that’s the most important thing, according to Shire. “You now have more options, which is a positive.”

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